What other kinds of permits does the Building Department issue?

  • Temporary TENT permits
  • Electric permits (taken out directly by your electrician and inspected by one of three electrical inspection agencies approved yearly). For 2019 the agencies are:
    1. New York Electrical Inspection Services
    2. Commonwealth Electrical Inspection Service, Inc.
    3. State Wide Inspection Services
  • Plumbing permits (taken out directly by your plumber with work inspected by the Building Inspectors.
  • Mechanical Permits for abandonment, installation and removal of oil storage tanks (taken out directly by the Company doing the work and inspected by the Building Inspectors)
  • Mechanical Permits for installation or replacement of Propane tanks and lines
  • Mechanical Permits for HVAC work
  • Wetland Permits
  • Fill Permits
  • Blasting Permits
  • Demolition

*Before we will issue any of these permits we check to make sure that each contractor has a current Westchester License.