2021 NYSEG Routine Tree Trimming

NYSEG will be doing routine tree trimming in North Salem later this year.  The circuits that will be trimmed by Asplundh Tree are the Golden Bridge 414 and Croton Falls 515.  Click here to see a list of roads. 

NYSEG specifications for routine tree trimming are to remove any hazardous tree within 10 ft of the primary lines.  If a tree can be trimmed, the specification is to trim all vegetation 10 ft to the sides of the primary lines, 15 ft above the primary lines and 10 ft below the primary lines. 

All wood material created by this work is to be removed except for the following:

  1. The homeowner requests the wood
  2. The work is in a wooded area and the debris can be left to naturally decompose in piles less than 2 ft high.  Please be aware that removing the wood is a time consuming process.  Some piles of wood may sit for a couple of weeks prior to being removed.