COVID19/Coronavirus County Call Update 3/27/20 4:30PM

Hello everyone. Over the last week the number of positive cases in Westchester County has increased more than 6 and a half times from 1,091 to 7,187 cases. Our Emergency services personal currently have sufficient equipment to be able to handle COVID19 patients. As of today, the Town has 7 positive COVID19 patients.

Current Westchester Data
Westchester Cases: 7,187 up (+2496 in 2 days)
Westchester Tested: 29,515 (+9,178)
Westchester hospitalized: 73 people
Westchester deaths: 10 people
North Salem: 7 positive cases
NYS Cases: 44,635 
NYS deaths: 519

Support Numbers:
County Mental Health hotline: 914-995-1900 (8am – 8pm)
County Mental Health text line: 914-461-7281
County Corona Q&A Hotline: 866-588-0195

The way the process works means that these totals are a couple of days behind. The Governor expects the apex to be a few weeks away.

We must continue doing the things that work. Everything we are doing is to try to flatten the curve so that we do not exceed our health care systems ability to care for our sick. If you are not yet aware, please know that everyone in this area is connected by the same need, smaller hospitals north of us have even less capacity and some are already at their limits or have shipped critically ill patients south to NYC. We are all part of the same health care system.

The Governor has just issued Executive Order 202.6 which halted all construction in NYS except for essential and emergency construction. Individuals can continue to work, but not teams of people. No building in Town can continue without discussing it with the Town's Building Inspector (914) 669-5952. Fines of up to $10,000 can be applied.

Being outside this weekend:
You will not know who is infected and shedding the virus. For that reason you need to keep your distance from people. As I mentioned yesterday, I received multiple complaints about the number of people walking on Vails Lane, around the school track and on Baxter Road. I happened to be on Baxter road this weekend and while there were 25 or more cars parked along the roadway, everyone I saw, outside of a family unit, was properly separated. Not so at the School track. Please remember to stay at least 6 feet apart.

Census 2020:
Please take the time to complete the Census forms which were mailed to your home a couple of weeks ago. They can be completed online. The envelope mailed to you will have a code you need to enter online.

Be well,
Warren Lucas