COVID19/Coronavirus Update - County Call 5PM 3/18/20

As of yesterday, there are 2,385 positive cases reported in New York State, 538 in Westchester County.

Governor Cuomo has issued an executive order (see attached) in which he is mandating businesses reduce workforce by 50%. Municipal governments also have a mandatory 50% staff reduction.The Governor may close additional types of businesses in concert with NJ and CT in the future.
The Town has put together a document that outlines our emergency plan which is attached and will also be on our website. Please review the PDF (attached), save it to your hard drive.

Mobile testing is being conducted in New Rochelle. Additional mobile testing is being done at the Westchester Medical Center where they are first testing all of their patients. Mobile testing is likely increasing the numbers. The 538 positives out of just over 4,100 tests that were done to date in Westchester County show a rate of 13% positive.The County Department of Health is responsible for interviewing patients. As before call (888) 364-3065 for testing

Social distancing is important. Everyone needs to follow this to the letter.

The US Army Corp of Engineers is being asked to help us to create mobile hospitals (tents). The sites are yet to be determined but the County is looking at larger parking lots Areas in Yorktown and possibly Playland in Rye. Other locations are also in the list including Arrowood, College of New Rochelle and locations with larger open areas with supportive road access.

For the upcoming surge we need nurses and doctors. The County Exec sent out a notice to all retired nurses and doctors. If you want to serve to please notify Lindsay Jackson They will likely be asked to handle regular hospital cases so that they existing doctors and nurses can be moved to COVID19 cases.

The 2020 Census is ongoing but the census bureau has suspended field operation for the next two weeks. Letters were sent out to everyone last and this week. PLEASE GO ONLINE AND COMPLETE THE CENSUS. It can be completed online with the special code you received in the Census letter. You will receive additional letters over the next month.

Warren Lucas
Town of North Salem