Affordable Housing

In 2009 Westchester County entered into a settlement agreement with the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to settle a housing lawsuit. Relevant information on the settlement may be found here.

Appendix D-1 on that page gives a link to the County’s Model Ordinance. The North Salem Planning Board proposed revisions to the North Salem Town Code, Section 250-Zoning, on affordable housing. The Town Board adopted those revisions. Much of the material stems from the County’s Model Ordinance.

Appendix G-1 on that same page gives a link to the County’s Marketing Plan, which must be used for any units built in accordance with this settlement.

Available properties under the settlement program can be found here.

The current HUD limits [2012] for eligibility, rents and sales may be found here.

Under the North Salem ordinance, anyone proposing a development, either subdivision or site plan, for ten dwelling units or more, must include 10% of the units as affordable. In addition, the Town has three sites specifically zoned for higher density where 20% of the units or more must be affordable:

  1. June Road Development LLC on June Road, 4-units to the acre – currently proposed as Bridleside, see below
  2. NYSEG parcel on Fields Lane, 6-units to the acre
  3. Seven Springs Farm I LLC on Route 22, non-senior developments only, 4-units to the acre.

Currently two properties in the Town of North Salem are under consideration for affordable housing proposals in accordance with the County settlement.

  1. Bridleside – formerly proposed as Salem Hunt. Bridleside is proposed as 65 units of all-affordable rental apartments on approximately 40 acres just off June Road on the Town’s border with Southeast. Click here for a direct link to the Bridleside website. More information may be found on the Planning Board’s page of the Town website, under the "applications" tab. Below are two Westchester County Department of Planning documents related to this proposed development.
    1. Executive Summary - Bridleside
    2. Westchester County Planning Board Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Funding Request
  2. Seven Springs is preparing a pre-application proposal to the Planning Board for approximately 108 units of senior rental all-affordable units to be situated on approximately 27 acres just west of the Waterview and Salem Hill facilities. More information will be available once they file an application.

If you have any questions on this subject or would like help finding additional information on the County website, please contact Warren Lucas at 669-5110 or Cynthia Curtis at 669-4393.