Payment Options - Taxes

Note - there is a $20 charge for any returned check.  If you use a mortgage service or if your bank mails in your taxes, be sure to read the "post mark" requirements under the "Special Warnings" tab on the left. You may be responsible for penalties if your service or bank fails to properly post mark your payment.

  • Check: make payable to Karen Roach, Receiver of Taxes
  • Cash - due to the Covid Pandemic we are requesting that those who usually pay in cash please forward a check, money order or teller's check as payment.   
  • Electronic Checks with a $1.95 flat fee . 
  • Credit Cards with a convenience fee  - MasterCard, Visa and Discover 
  • To pay via credit card or electronic check click Pay Online here. Be sure to print out your receipt at the end of your transaction.
  • Please note: an incorrectly entered routing number or account number may not be discovered until 2-5 business days from submission.  A payment will be considered late if an error is discovered after the due date, and penalty will be due.  Please do not wait until the last few days to make payments to avoid this situation.
  • Be sure to have your tax bill in front of you when you complete your transaction.                                                                                                                         
  • Only a complete installment or whole school tax payment, matching your 2022/2023 school tax bill will be accepted. Penalties will be applied after the September 30, 2022 due date for the first installment or the January 31, 2023 due date for the second installment. 
  • If paying the first half school tax only click the drop down arrow at the payment box.                                                                     
  • If paying your 2023 State, County and Town tax only a complete payment will be accepted. Penalties will be applied after the April 30 ,2023 due date. Please note there is a third-party convenience fee applied. Be sure to print out your receipt at the end of your transaction.