North Salem's Highway Department maintains all town roads and drainage systems located on Town roads. The Highway Department also performs snow and ice removal on Town roads as well as on all State and County roads located within the Town of North Salem. In addition, the Highway Department provides leaf pick-up in the Fall and maintains all Town cemeteries and parks.

Anyone planning to construct a street opening or driveway should first read the appropriate sections of the Town Code to comply with all necessary permits and associated fees.  Anyone wishing to purchase a cemetery plot should contact our offices regarding cost and plot availability.

Brush Removal

Due to budgetary constraints the Highway Department has phased out the routine pick-up of brush from residents living on Town roads.  If there should be a catastrophic storm event that results in extensive brush debris, the Highway Department will issue a notice regarding pick-up of storm debris only.

Leaf Pickup

The Highway Department picks up leaves for any resident who lives on a Town road.  This service occurs in the Fall only, commencing around the beginning of October and ending at the first snow.  Leaves are to be piled neatly at the front of the resident's property at the edge of the road.  


  • Oil: Town residents may bring used oil to the Highway Department's garage located at 250 June Road.  Please note that any garage that changes oil must also accept used oil.
  • Batteries: Town residents may bring car batteries to the Highway Department's garage for proper disposal.
  • Tires, electronics and other items not allowed in the regular trash pickup: We are currently working with members of the Conservation Advisory Council to arrange a common drop-off site for items to be delivered to the County "household clean-up" service. The county has four such events each year. 
  • Bulk items: The Town offers this service for each property owner, one time per year. Please call Bria Carting at (914) 232-1043 for additional information and/or to make an appointment.

The Superintendent of Highways is elected to a four-year term.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ward Hanaburgh Superintendent of Highways (914) 669-5310
James DePaoli Deputy Superintendent of Highways (914) 669-5310
S. Gayle Soto Administrative Assistant (914) 669-5310