All Court Appearances Cancelled Until Further Notice, effective 5 p.m. on March 16, 2020


If you have a pending criminal, civil (including small claims, holdover, non-payment, eviction or justice court civil summons), town ordinance, building code, or traffic matter before this court for which you received correspondence from the court and/or an oral order from the judge to appear when your case was last heard, your matter will be administratively rescheduled and you will be notified by postal mail as to your next date.

If you have moved and need to update your mailing address with the court office, please mail or fax your updated address to the court office.  Please call the court office to confirm that your address change has been received.  It is your responsibility to keep the court informed of your current mailing address.

If you were recently issued a UNIFORM TRAFFIC TICKET for a Vehicle and Traffic Law  (VTL) infraction (see **EXCEPTIONS below), you must simply return the ticket to the court by the date indicated at the bottom of the ticket with a plea of either GUILTY or NOT GUILTY. You may mail or fax your plea back to the court office at the mailing address or fax number indicated above. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR CURRENT, CORRECT MAILING ADDRESS IS INCLUDED WITH ALL SUBMISSIONS. IF THE PRE-PRINTED ADDRESS IS NOT CURRENT, PLEASE STRIKE THE INCORRECT ADDRESS AND WRITE IN YOUR CURRENT, CORRECT MAILING ADDRESS.

If the court receives a plea of GUILTY, the Judge will review the plea, set a fine and a mandatory New York State surcharge as prescribed by law, and you will be notified of the total amount due, when the payment is due, and the methods of payment, including via phone (914) 875-8180, internet, and by mail.

If the court receives a plea of NOT GUILTY, you will be notified by mail (likely several months from the date of your submission) as to the scheduled date for an APPEARANCE/PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE to discuss the matter with a designated prosecutor.

**EXCEPTION – YOU MAY NOT ENTER A PLEA BY MAIL OR FAX IF YOU ARE CHARGED WITH A VTL MISDEMEANOR OR FELONY, NOR MAY YOU ENTER A PLEA ON ANY INFRACTION ARISING OUT OF THE SAME OCCURRENCE WHERE A MISDEMEANOR OR FELONY WAS CHARGED.  This includes allegations of driving while intoxicated/ability impaired by alcohol/drugs; aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle/driving with a suspended license/privilege; operating with a suspended registration; leaving the scene of an accident where personal injury was involved; reckless driving, etc.

If your LICENSE IS SUSPENDED, or if you have received an Order of Suspension from the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles or from your home state’s licensing authority, or if you have subsequently been made aware that your driver license or privilege to operate a motor vehicle in the State of New York is suspended or pending suspension as a result of failing to answer or pay a citation that is returnable in this court, please call the court (see CALL THE COURT, below).  If your license is PENDING SUSPENSION for “failure to answer”, your plea may not have been received by the court office.  Please mail or fax your GUILTY or NOT GUILTY plea to the court and follow-up by calling the court office.

CALL THE COURT: Call 914-669-9691. Please note that there may be days where telephone availability is extremely limited, or phones are not answered at all. This will be dependent on staffing levels, mandatory social distancing and/or quarantine.  FAX: 914-669-8740

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this unprecendented time.

North Salem has two elected town judges who alternate sitting court on Monday evenings. Each is elected to a four-year term. Our judges hold sessions of Criminal Court, Civil Court and Traffic Court.

Town Justice Court Office Hours

Monday - Thursday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Monday Night Court - doors open 5:30 pm for VTL matters.
For Criminal Court, attorney conferences begin at 5:30 pm.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
John M. Aronian Town Justice (914) 669-9691
Daniel A. Seymour Town Justice (914) 669-9691
Susan Koch Court Clerk (914) 669-9691